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  • KB291933401: MySoftware - ArtiosCAD (Enterprise) version 20 has been updated
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There is a new build of ArtiosCAD and ArtiosCAD Enterprise 20 available on MySoftware: ArtiosCAD 20 build 2511 and ArtiosCAD Enterprise 20 build 1606.

This build is also available as a hotfix but because of the impact on new customers, we’ve also updated the official build on MySoftware.

You can download the Hotfix here:

  • If you have already installed ArtiosCAD or ArtiosCAD Enterprise 20 and your build number is ArtiosCAD 20 build 2486, or ArtiosCAD Enterprise 20 build 1591; you can install the Hotfix, which will fix the issue and bring your version to ArtiosCAD 20 build 2511 or ArtiosCAD Enterprise 20 build 1606. In case you run an ArtiosCAD server, the Hotfix should be installed on the server and all clients.
  • If you did not yet install ArtiosCAD or ArtiosCAD Enterprise version 20; you can download and install the version which you can find on the MySoftware page. Be aware of previously downloaded builds and download the installer again if your build was downloaded before July 10th 2020.

What is solved?

When creating a new Manufacturing parameter set (layout) in ArtiosCAD 20 or ArtiosCAD Enterprise 20; the Die side, Flute/grain and Side direction are in any manufacturing parameter set initialized to insidevertical and knife side. This happens for any existing parameter set regardless of how the parameter set was previously configured. 

What to do after Hotfix installation?

Once you have installed the Hotfix for ArtiosCAD 20 or ArtiosCAD Enterprise 20, any manufacturing parameter set which was created in ArtiosCAD 20 or ArtiosCAD Enterprise 20, should be deleted and re-added.

Manufacturing parameter sets which were created in previous versions are OK and do not need any extra action.

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