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How to migrate existing MediaBeacon configuration from one environment to another.


  1. Shutdown MediaBeacon and all related services (FS Events, Preview Nodes, Portals, R3Search Instances, etc.)
  2. Migrate the m-userinfo folder, but do not include the following files and folders because they are asset/environment specific:
    1. MediaBeacon_whitelist.xml
    2. MediaBeacon_sequence.xml
    3. MediaBeacon_scratch_basket.xml
    4. MediaBeacon_secret_key.xml
    5. MediaBeacon_selection_item.xml
    6. MediaBeacon_selection_info.xml
    7. MediaBeacon_selection_portals.xml
    8. MediaBeacon_contact_sheets.xml
    9. MediaBeacon_aprproval_folders.xml
    10. MediaBeacon_checkout.xml
    11. MediaBeacon_asset_feed_item.xml
    12. MediaBeacon_asset_feed.xml
    13. MediaBeacon_approval.xml
    14. MediaBeacon_rss.xml
    15. m-installers/
    16. m-metrics/
    17. m-uid
    18. m-Aspera/ (if present)
  3. Replace all of the m-folders (m-userinfom-sourcem-loadingdockm-archive-userinfo) with the set you would like to use as a configuration basis.
  4. Touch all the XML files and the Synonyms.txt file immediately inside of the m-userinfo folder (ex. with touch.exe from the unxutils project on to update all the mod times.
  5. Launch the MediaBeacon Core and other remote services.
  6. Verify that all of the users, groups, Workspaces, etc. came in as expected.

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