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What is the 'MFG Layout level objects' SmartMark ?


The 'MFG Layout Level objects' SmartMark is an optional SmartMark (see SmartMarks - optional SmartMarks) that loads - for MFG based layouts - objects (lines or text) which are at layout level of the MFG file.

'Objects at layout level', are the objects that were created somewhere in a layer of the MFG file - this in contrast with objects that are part of the embedded designs.

A typical use case for this SmartMark is to add dimension lines that are added in the MFG file (for instance to indicate the sheet size or the gripper area).

If one were to use a style file selecting text and dimension lines in Plato/i-cut Layout (or in the classic S&R tasks) when loading the MFG layout, then this would load all dimensions and text from the embedded designs. Optionally, in Plato, the dimensions and text at layout level. can be skipped or loaded (see Plato option 'ignore objects at layout level') but this option is not available for the s&r tasks (as the option is not part of the style mapping).

So if one needs for instance dimension lines at sheet level to be loaded from a MFG file, this SmartMark can be used.

The only option for this SmartMark is the style file that is to be used to load these 'layout level objects'. The style file determines which line types are loaded and how they will be colored. 

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