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Revolved shapes in some collada files saved in Studio Toolkit have inconsistent lighting in Studio Designer plugin in Visualizer Quality. 

How can I solve the problem ?


This file probably comes from a version prior to Studio Toolkit 20.0.1 which revolves paths in an inconsistent way. Depending on the axis option chosen, Revolve Path in Toolkit option in Studio Designer plug-in creates some shapes with inverted lighting. In the older version, normals are mistakenly flipped for revolved shapes when selecting one of the first two revolution axis options.

This issue has been fixed in Studio Toolkit 20.0.1.

There are two possible ways to fix an existing file:

  • If you have the collada file: Open the collada file in Studio Toolkit version 20.0.1 or newer and save it again. Then reopen the file in Illustrator.
  • If you have the ai file containing the initial path used to revolve: Revolve the same path using Studio Toolkit version 20.0.1 or newer, save the collada file again, and reopen it in Illustrator.


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