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If you have printed charts generated in an older version of Print Control Wizard or Color Pilot, can you measure them in a newer or latest version?


The charts can sometimes be different depending on the version, so it is better to measure charts in the same version as in which they were generated. For example, it's not possible to measure an 18.1.x chart in Color Pilot 20.x.

Also the charts for Flexibles from Color Pilot 20.0 is different than the one from Color Pilot 20.1. To support the handheld spectro i1Pro, we changed the tone value charts for the Flexibles application in 20.1.

    • In 20.0 it was a wide chart with 3 duplicates for each patch. 
    • In 20.1 we replaced that by 2 charts, each with 2 duplicates for each patch.

So you need Color Pilot 20.0 to measure the 20.0 charts and Color Pilot 20.1 to measure the 20.1 charts.

You can however install and run an older version of the software next to the current version.

For example:

Print Control Wizard 18.x can run on the same workstation/server as Color Pilot 20.x. Having an Imaging Engine 20.x license is enough. You can (re)install the Print Control Wizard 18.x from the Imaging Engine software 18.x -  go to the packages folder and install only the Intellicurve software (Curve Pilot, PressSync Pilot and Print Control Wizard).

Also Color Pilot 20.0 can be installed next to a 20.1 version. Install it from the Imaging Engine software 20.0 -  go to the folder Packages/ColorPilot_v200.

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