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Cascading list values are not updating upon change.


The cascading feature of lists used in form attributes breaks after having a value previously saved. User has to use the 'Advanced' option and 'Reset All Related Values' to be sure the cascading values are correct. If all related values are not reset, then the cascading function does not work resulting in incorrect cascading values being saved.

An attribute 'A' has previously had a value saved that drives a cascading list value being applied to a second attribute 'B', when the user later updates the first attribute 'A' attribute 'B' is not having the cascading value applied as per the value in the cascading list. The result is a value in attribute 'B' that is incorrect.

Only seems to occur when a value has been previously added to an attribute that drive cascading values.

User has to use the 'Advanced' option and 'Reset All Related Values' to reset cascading values.

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WebCenter 20.0



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Case NumberWCR-45258

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