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Merged Plate shows empty on CDI and in CTP Queue without information about Plate Type, Press Plates, etc.

Grapholas Exposer does not show the Plate name or Plate sizes.


Device Manager works correctly and it is possible to create Merged Plates and is correct in Merged Plates view. But on the CDI and in the CTP Queue, the Merged Plate looks empty and has no information (Plate Type, Press Plates, etc.).

Grapholas Exposer software is not showing the Plate name or sizes and shows a red cross.


Set up your DNS server so all computers, Automation Engine and the CDI's can resolve each other's hostnames. Make sure the required ports (on the Automation Engine server and the CDI PC) are not blocked. 

If CDI is in another network, adapting the host file can solve this problem.

To test if the CDI can access the data on the Automation Engine server (using hostname resolving and port access), try the following (see screenshot below): 

  1. On the CDI PC, go to the C:\DATA\spool folder, and open the gravurd.q file in a text editor. 
  2. Scroll down to the end of the file, and copy the last URL (will look like http://AEservername:4412/DFS/output/date/someIDnumber/mergedplatename.par)
  3. Paste the URL in a browser and click Go
  4. If access is OK, it will display the content of the .par file (parameters for the CDI to expose the job). If this does not happen, please have your IT check and correct hostname resolving and/or port access.
    Basically you should be able to test the same just using the URL http://AEservername:4412/DFS in the browser. It should display a folder list, where you can click the 'output' folder link. If that works, access is OK, if it does not, please have your IT check and correct hostname resolving and/or port access. 

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