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Artwork is visible in the PDF editor (such as ArtPro+ and Acrobat), but it is not present in the output from Imaging Engine.


A particular combination of parameters causes this problem.

  • The artwork is in an Isolated transparency group.
  • Tint values for the artwork are not defined in any channels.

When artwork is set up this way, the output from the Adobe RIP differs from what is seen in interactive applications.

An example is shown here using screenshots from ArtPro+. In the first screenshot, we see that "Isolate blending" is checked:

In the second, we see that no values are set for any color channels (in this case there is only one ink):

Although the ringed text is visible in ArtPro+, it is not present in the output from Imaging Engine.


These constructs can be checked for, in Esko products:

The file can then be changed in one of two ways to make preview and RIPped output:

  • If "Isolate blending" is deselected in ArtPro+, the artwork is no longer visible in either editors or the Imaging Engine output.
  • If a tint value of 0 is used, as shown below, then the artwork will knock out the background and be visible in editors and the Imaging Engine output.

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