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A file is open in Adobe® Illustrator® and you try to trap the file via Window > Esko > PowerTrapper Classic. All options except Rich Black are grayed out.


  1. Open or create a file in Adobe Illustrator.
  2. Try to trap the file with PowerTrapper Classic.
  3. All options except Rich Black are grayed out.


The file is most likely in PDF+ mode. To check this:

  1. Open the Esko Ink Manager, Window > Esko > Ink Manager.
  2. In the upper right corner, click the three lines to get the drop down menu.

  3. If the file is set as PDF+(Processing Steps Support) change it to Normalized PDF Compatibility.


PDF+ documents cannot be trapped using PowerTrapper. You can use the new Trapper to trap PDF+ as well as Normalized PDF files via Window > Esko > Trapper.

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 PowerTrapper Classic



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