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ColorTrace: Colors in Artwork match colors in CCJ - no extra colors coming from profile are included.

Also includes fix for the priority of the colors (H) and set the substrate method to "keep solid".

This hotfix includes *CCAutomationTool 40.1.0 Build 5*: Automation: Make color retrieval hierarchical with embedded color data so that the ICC profile is checked first by name and dropping through to use the embedded data if not found in the ICC profile.


When generating the CCJ file, only the colors that are passed on to the ColorCert module, will end up in the primary color section. Additional colors that are in the profile, but not in the artwork, will not end up in the CCJ. In other words, a correct generation of the CCJ with respect to the colors of the artwork is done.

Without the fix, all colors of the (ICC) profile, will end up in the CCJ. This sometimes leads to colors in the CCJ which are not in the Artwork. Because of this, a manual step to check the CCJ was needed and this defeats the purpose of having the CCJ created as automated as possible.

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