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Important License Update for Plato 21.11 and PowerLayout 22.03

When upgrading your Plato editor to version 21.11, the release of November 2021, you will receive an 'ArtPro+ Layout 21' license instead of a Plato 21 license.

When upgrading your PowerLayout to version 22.03, the release of March 2022, you will receive an 'ArtPro+ Layout 22' license instead of a PowerLayout 22 license.

The new 'ArtPro+ Layout' license will allow you to start up Plato 18.1 or higher (including version 21.11), PowerLayout 22.03 or higher as well as the ArtPro+ Layout edition.

Important Note

Plato 18.0 or older and PowerLayout 21.11 or older will not be able to start up with an ArtPro+ Layout license. These older versions still require a Plato or PowerLayout license.

You will also not be able to start up any version of Plato or PowerLayout using an ArtPro+ Layout Named User Subscription license.

Additionally note that an 'ArtPro+ Advanced' edition license will also not allow you to start up Plato or PowerLayout.

Some additional information on the 21.11 introduced ArtPro+ Layout edition and its features can be found on the online documentation pages:

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