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In WebCenter, it's possible to apply forward or backward planning when defining Lead Days or Hours in Task nodes or Approval Stage nodes in the Workflow editor.

WebCenter also allows you to use SmartNames to define the required Planning.

When using SmartNames and assigning the values 'Forward' or 'Backward' into the field, the Task or Approval Stage are always planned as Forward, regardless of what the used SmartName resolves into.


Tasks or Approval stages are always planned 'Forward', even though the SmartName resolves to 'Backward'.


The Forward and Backward values displayed in the UI of WebCenter are localized values, meaning the values can change depending on the language selected by the user. Therefore, WebCenter expects the following strings to be defined in the WebCenter Language files:

For Task node planning

  • task.leadplanningforwards to plan tasks Forward
  • task.leadplanningbackwards to plan tasks Backward

For Approval Node planning

  • approvalstage.leadplanningforwards to plan an Approval Stage Forward
  • approvalstage.leadplanningbackwards to plan an Approval Stage Backward

When you add these values in the SmartName that is defined in the Planning field, WebCenter will properly resolve these and apply the correct planning.

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