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Why can the scum dot removal be different for View files compared to the LEN(X) file?

For example: The view file removes the 'smaller' WSI dots, while the LENX keeps them (as when boosted > smallest mindot, so should not be removed by Dot Cleanup)


Note that because of a different screen is used for the 'view' version, output can show differences also at other tones because of difference in scum dots.

The 'view' version of a screen is resulting in different scum dots compared to ripping with the real crystal screen which is using Pixel+.

This is a 'known limitation' for view files: dot cleanup is not exactly the same as LENX cleanup. See in the screenshot below; on the left is the LENX file with Crystal screen (using Pixel+), in the middle is the view file with an AM screen.

Technical background

View files do not use P+ dots and therefore cleanup of view files will be different when handling a cluster of pixels that contain isolated pixels.

On the LEN file, when in a cluster of pixels a pixel is isolated (no left/right, top/bot neighbor pixel), that pixel is considered as a boosting pixel. When there are 3 or more of such pixels, the cluster will not be cleaned up. Below screenshot is another example.

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