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Why is the same file that could be ripped in older Imaging Engine version now ending in an error with unavailable referenced font?


This is a consequence of a fix, where we intentionally disabled font emulation, because there have been cases where the "font to be emulated" contained characters not available in the "font used to emulate", causing unpredictable/wrong output.
To avoid this "unpredictable output", the font emulation has been disabled from version 22.07 onwards.


  • Make sure all PDFs have the necessary fonts embedded (as specified by the latest PDF standard).


  • Force embedding in the workflow, for example with normalization of the file "Export to Normalized PDF (Embed All)".
  • "Contourize text" with for example "Optimize PDF" task.
  • Re-enable the old behavior for Imaging Engine (not advised, as we cannot guarantee the output).
    You can do this by stopping Imaging Engine (in Automation Engine CFS):
    1. Go to \Esko\bg_prog_pixelmachinectp_v<version>\bin_x64\
    2. Open the JPDeviceCap.jmf file.
    3. Search for the line containing "UseFontEmulation", and change DefaultValue="false" to DefaultValue="true".
    4. Start Imaging Engine again (in Automation Engine CFS).
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