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What is Microdot Image SmartMark? 


The Microdot Image SmartMark is an optional SmartMark (**) that allows to add PDF images (typically micro dots) and save the positions of the different instances of this 'Microdot Image' mark in an XML file.

** See:

This mark has same options as regular Image Mark. The only difference is that upon saving a normalized PDF file, all instances of this mark are scanned and their positions will be saved in an XML file. The XML file has the same name as the normalized PDF file and is placed in a subfolder called 'extract'.

The XML file (see example below) contains two blocks:

  • Trim_Box: containing the vertical/horizontal trim box size of the normalized PDF file in mm
  • microdots: a list of microdot nodes, each representing an instance of the 'Microdot Image' SmartMark:
    • the name of the object (optionally)
    • the x,y position of the center of the mark (origin = top left of the trim box)
    • list of separation names used in this object

 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
      <vertical_size number="210"/>
      <horizontal_size number="297"/>
         <microdot_name>Left Mark</microdot_name>
         <x_coord number="0.5"/>
         <y_coord number="105"/>
         <microdot_name>Right Mark</microdot_name>
         <x_coord number="296.5"/>
         <y_coord number="105.0"/>

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