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What is the MFG Station and Waste Numbers SmartMark?


The MFG Station and Waste Numbers SmartMark is an optional SmartMark (**) that loads stations and/or strip numbers from MFG layouts.

** See:

This means that this SmartMark can only be used in MFG based layouts and the MFG files have to contain station and/or strip numbers generated using ArtiosCAD tool:

The options for this mark are rather straightforward:

  • the Number tab allows to control the appearance of the numbers (font, etc...)
    • When Size is set to Auto, the point size of the station/strip numbers in the MFG document is used. 

  •  the Numbering tab allows to select what to import: station numbers and/or strip numbers

  • the Inks tab allows to control the coloring of the resulting text objects - the same controls are used in other SmartMarks 

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Plato 23.03 and newer

Automation Engine 22.11 and newer



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