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As per Adobe’s decision, the upcoming versions of Illustrator® and InDesign® (already in effect for Photoshop® v23) will no longer support designs using Postscript (type 1) text (will be listed as 'missing font' and substituted by the default font).

More information from Adobe.

This will also affect Esko plug-ins:

Esko Plug-ins for Illustrator

  • You can no longer use type 1 fonts in Dynamic Content, Dynamic VDP, Dynamic Marks, etc.
  • Esko PDF Import will display an error when trying to import a PDF with type 1 text.

Whether you use Esko plug-ins or not, all Illustrator users will have to upgrade their fonts to OpenType. Once the new fonts are installed, Illustrator (and the Esko plug-ins) will automatically use the new fonts. In the meantime, you can stay on an Illustrator version from before CC2023.

Enfocus PitStop

Adobe® Acrobat® and PitStop are not affected: Adobe Acrobat will still display PDFs with Type 1 fonts and Enfocus PitStop text editing features will continue to work as before, also on type 1 text.

ArtPro+, Automation Engine, Imaging Engine, Share&Approve, WebCenter, …

Other Esko and Enfocus products are also not affected: You can view, RIP and process PDFs with Type 1 text just like before.

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