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What is the 'Image as Strip' SmartMark ? 


The Image as Strip SmartMark is an optional SmartMark (**). It is an extension of the standard Image Mark. It places PDF images (typically gradation strips or control strips) and allows to clip the image to avoid partial patches.
This mark has the same options as the standard Image Mark.


The Extra tab contains some additional settings:

  • Cell Size: the width of a single patch. The width of the placed image will be clipped using a multiple of this cell size. For instance, when the mark is attached and fitted to a sheet width of 85 cm, selecting a cell size of 4 mm will clip the image to 212 patches (4mm x 212 = 84.8 cm)

    The trim box of the PDF image should be fitted horizontally around the patches. If there is any white area on the left or right side, this might still result in partial patches.

  • In case the strip consists of a repeating pattern and certain cells in this pattern should not occur at the start or end of the placed strip, this can be controlled through the bottom controls:
    • set the length of the repeating pattern.
    • deselect the cells which should not occur at the start or end of the placed strip.

As a result of these settings, the placed strip will be further clipped to avoid unwanted cells at the start or at the end.

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