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What is the 'Summa' SmartMark ? 


The 'Summa' SmartMark is an optional SmartMark (**) that allows to add registration marks and PostNet barcodes for Summa cutters (

** See:

The SmartMark can be used in i-cut Layout (layout view) or in an Automation Engine tasks that operate on a PDFPLA nested layouts (f.i. 'Export nested layouts' task). The SmartMark is not available in PackEdge and will not have any effect when used in station view in i-cut Layout. The SmartMark requires at least version 22.11 (of i-cut Layout / Automation Engine).

This 'Summa' mark consists of:

  • a set of circular registration marks 

  • optional PostNet and Code39 bar codes 

Options of this SmartMark
Mark tab

The controls in this tab are completely identical to the controls in the i-cut mark options dialog, please refer to the chapter on i-cut marks in the i-cut Layout Manual.

 Bar Code tab

  • 'Type': the Bar Code tab allows to add a Postnet ( or a Code39 main bar code. The bar code gets a unique 12 digit number which will be used as a prefix for the cutting file. This allows the table to automatically pick up the correct cutting file after reading the bar code. 

The Postnet bar code can be read by the camera of a Summa table. The Postnet bar code is placed on a guideline with registration marks in front and at the end.

When selecting Postnet as the main bar code type, optionally an extra Code39 bar code can be added. Specific controls allow setting the height/narrow bar/wide-to-narrow ratio of the Code39 bar code).

The Code39 bar codes are mainly meant to be read by a hand-held scanner.

  • 'Add Text': the unique 12 digit number can be added as human readable text.
  • 'Position': select on which side(s) the bar code needs to be added. The terminology used here is table-oriented: 'Top' means top of the sheet or top/start of a roll. As the roll direction in both i-cut Layout and Automation Engine gang run is horizontal, the 'Top' bar codes will appear at the left of the layout.
  • 'Attach to' & 'Offset' - these controls are also similar to the i-cut mark: the bar codes can be either attached to the sheet/margins or to the job (= all graphics placed in the layout) with an extra offset away from the Attach position. 
Inks tab

The color of the Summa marks can be defined in the 'Inks' tab using controls which are common to most SmartMarks.

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Applies to

i-cut Layout 22.11 and newer

Automation Engine 22.11 and newer



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