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With an active named user subscription, you still get a warning: Feature is not available: Esko ArtiosCAD

This can happen when launching ArtiosCAD or while working in ArtiosCAD, it stops.


  • You have a valid named user subscription assigned to your Esko ID
  • You are already signed for a long time without request to sign in again when launching the application.
  • The ArtiosCAD version was upgraded to a later version, while a Named User Subscription was still signed in when doing the upgrade.


  1. Unassign the subscription to your Esko ID
  2. Assign the named user subscription again to your Esko ID.
  3. Sign in again.

This issue is investigated and targeted for a future version.


Sign out the subscription license (menu Help > Sign out ... )  :

  • before going offline for a longer time
  • before upgrading ArtiosCAD
  • sign out with the same ArtiosCAD version that was used to sign in. (advice : always use the highest installed version to sign in and sign out)
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