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How to modify the order of the layers after it is created or set this as a Defaults option.


To modify the order of the layers after it is created, change the settings available in the Defaults. Follow the steps given below to do this:

  • Open the ArtiosCAD application.
  • Go to the Options menu > click Defaults.
  • In the Defaults flyout menu, expand Design defaults in the Shared defaults pane.
  • Double click the Layers Dialog Display Order.
  • In the flyout menu, select the Show layers in the order they are drawn option. Click Apply and click the Ok button.
  • Save the defaults, now you will be able to see that the order changes done on the Layer Properties will reflect in the main Layer dialog box.

    Refer to the Saving defaults section in the ArtiosCAD administrator guide for instructions on how to save the defaults.

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Applies toArtiosCAD all versions
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