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Is it possible to have a different license server other than the Automation Engine Server and manage all licenses from there?


Yes, it is possible to have a separate license server than the Automation Engine Server. The license server can also be a dedicated server which is used only for running License Service.

To configure the Automation Engine to pick up licenses from a different system/ server, the license server name must be configured in the License Client Configuration.

  1. Navigate to Start > All Programs > Esko > Network License Manager > Network License Manager.
  2. Click the Tools tab > License Client Administration
  3. Enter the Computer name of the License Server.
  4. Leave the Port number field empty, for the default port number to be used.
  5. Next, click the Apply button. When finished, the Current configuration will be filled in with the License Server.
  6. Next, restart the Automation Engine to use the new network configuration.

In previous versions the steps 1 and 2 were a bit different:

  1. Navigate to Start > All Programs > Esko > System Controller > Tools  > License Client Configuration
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Automation Engine 12.0

Automation Engine 10.0

Automation Engine 14.1

Last revised30-Jul-15
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