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Which printers does Automation Engine support when using Print ticket?


In Automation Engine you can use any printer that has a PostScript driver.

Print ticket is only available if the printer is installed on the Automation Engine server. To do so, you need the appropriate installers. These are provided by the printer manufacturer.

That is the theory. However unfortunately we have noticed more printer manufacturers (Xerox, Konica Minolta,...) no longer stick to the strict PPD rules, as a consequence of which several options are not visible in the Automation Engine Print ticket, or they are not taken into account when selected. See KB81495615: Automation Engine - Why can't I see some of my printer options and why are some selected options not taken into account?

We advise to request the PostScript (Type 3) printer driver install media from the supplier or manufacturer, and install it as a local printer (to file) on the Automation Engine server (see KB87959897: Automation Engine - How to add a PostScript printer for the Print task).In the “Export to PostScript File" ticket, you can then select this printer driver (PPD), and export a couple of test files to PostScript files with different settings (format (A3), duplex,...). If the supplier can print these PostScript files on the printer (without further manipulations) as wanted, it should also be possible to achieve the same result printing directly from Automation Engine. 

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