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"Backup device cannot be opened" error appears when taking backup of the Automation Engine.


When taking a backup of the Automation Engine Server with its SQL database on a separate machine, the backup fails and gives an error: "Back up of Automation Engine related databases failed as the backup device cannot be opened".


When the SQL database is on a different machine than the Automation Engine Server, ensure the following before taking a backup:

  • The backup folder is shared for user BGSYSTEM.
  • The SQL service (SQL Server (MSSQLSERVER) unnamed instance) by default is running with the user "NETWORK SERVICE". This service does not have the right to write to Shared folder on another computer.
    To change it,
    1. Go to the computer where the SQL Server is running.
    2. Go to Services and select SQL Server (MSSQLSERVER).
    3. Change the logon user to "BGSYSTEM".
    4. Restart this service.
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Applies to

Automation Engine 10.1.1

Last revised10-Apr-13