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How to fetch the original name of a file after it gets renamed at a later stage of the workflow?

The original file name could be prefixed or suffixed with several other values based on the tasks run or output files saved.


The original name of the file on which the task was launched can be fetched using the SmartNames. Proceed as follows to do this:

  1. In the field where you wish to have the file name, click the "[ ]" symbol to open the SmartNames window.
  2. In the Category column on the left side, click Workflow context.

  3. In the SmartName column, click Name of originating Input of (enclosing) Workflow.

  4. Click Insert.

Using this SmartName will give you the original name of the file which was used to launch the workflow.

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Applies toAutomation Engine all versions
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CW Number157216