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Does the ArtPro support Automation Engine job parameters?


You can use Automation Engine Parameters in ArtLink, only if:

  • ArtPro is connected to the Automation Engine server.
  • The ArtPro file is saved in an Automation Engine job folder.
  • And/or the ArtPro file is defined as a Product on the Automation Engine.
  • The Container on which the job is located, is mounted exactly like in the Automation Engine Pilot. Right click on the job and do explore. This will force correct mounting using smb with the correct name.

The following parameters are available when defined on the server:

  • Order ID, Sub Order ID, Job Name, Project ID, Description
  • Job Due Date, Job Due Date Day, Job Due Date Time
  • Customer ID, Ref, Name and Description
  • Job Category, Job Category 2 through 7
  • Job CSR and Job CSR Email
  • Bar codes

From ArtPro 12.1 onwards

All relevant Automation Engine SmartNames available in Automation Engine 12.1 are available in the ArtPro now.

Relevant, meaning all excluding the ones that depend on task/workflow information, like the SmartNames in the Imposition, JDF, Step&Repeat, Stripping, Task Information, Upload Center and Workflow Context categories.

Known limitations:

  • When changing the Automation Engine parameters, the ArtLink values will only be updated when reopening the file.
  • You do not see the current value in the Parameters list until you have actually ArtLink the text to the parameter.


More information

More information about Automation Engine job parameters can be found in the manual or just click here.

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ArtPro 10.1.x and newer

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