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How to add custom screens to another location? There may be scenarios where your company has different locations (or you have a daughter company) and you want to add custom screens to another location.


Condition is that the RIP versions of the source and the destinations must be the same.

Proceed as follows:

  1. Close the Dispatcher on the rip node where you want to add the screen.
  2. Verify if the license for the screen is activated.
  3. Copy the customized screens to the bg_data_screens folder of the other rip-node.
    For example, sort folder on Date and copy all latest files that have the code of the screen in its names, e.g. 'SCR01'. These are files with extensions .dat, .csb, .res and .re2. Existing screens on destination will be overwritten.
  4. In case you are copying HD Flexo screens:
    1. The HD Flexo application version at the destination must be the same as at source.
    2. The HD Flexo screen database file must also be copied from source to destination (SCR_LICFILE.dat file in the bg_data_screens_v010)
    3. All the existing HDFlexo screens installed at destination will become unreachable (because you copied the new HD Flexo screen database).
  5. Verify if the copied screens are properly installed:
    1. Restart the dispatcher and verify if in the dispatcher's queue setting (Eskolink queue settings) the screens are visible
      (in the Basic tab > Dotshape).
    2. In the Automation Engine Pilot, verify whether you can select the screens in the rip ticket (in the General tab > Screening section > Dotshape).
      1. If so, go to the step 5.
      2. If not,
        • In the Automation Engine Pilot, go to the TOOLS menu > select Configure.
        • Go to your Device and perform Synchronize with rip.
        • Restart the Automation Engine Pilot.
        • Go back to step 4a.
  6. Final test is to rip a file with the added screen and verify the output.
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Applies to

Automation Engine  all versions

FlexRip  all versions

Last revised27-Aug-13
CW Number163843