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If the File Server that contains the share for the container dies, the Automation Engine Job Container can be relocated. This means that the job container database that resides on the Automation Engine Server will be updated with the new location for the jobs.


Proceed as follows:

  1. Open the backed up container and copy all the folders to the new share. Do not change the folder structure within the share.
  2. The File Server in which the new container is located must have the username "BGSYSTEM" with the default BGSYSTEM password.
  3. Share the new folder with the contents of the old container.
  4. Go to Pilot > Tools > Containers, you will see the old container with a red "X". Highlight this, right-click and choose Relocate. Browse to the new location.

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Last revised24-Jun-13
CW Number191058


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  1. Note this procedure will relink the jobs ( update the url in the database), it will not replace hard-codes links in smartnames or workflow/tickets.