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When launching a Fastvariant check task, you get the "Could not get file info for %sINFO" error.


The following error appears when you launch a Fastvariant check task:

"Could not get file info for %sINFO".


Follow the steps given below to solve the error:

  1. Check whether the System variable bg_tmp is still available. This task is using this folder to write temporary files in it.
    1. To check go to My Computer > right click and click Properties > Advanced tab > click Environment variables > System variables. Check if the bg_tmp variable is still available in the System variables section.
  2. Check whether the folder esko/bg_data_fastserver_vXXX/tmp is still shared.
  3. Check whether all users have full control access (write and read access) on the bg_tmp folder (esko/bg_data_fastserver_vXXX/tmp).
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