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  • KB73059415: FlexProofE - How to change the storage location of the FlexProofE temporary data
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If the hard drive is running out of space, how to change the System Folders location of FlexProofE?


Proceed as follows:

  1. Determine a location on another drive on the FlexProofE Server to move the files.
  2. Create the following folders in the new location:
  3. On the FlexProofE Server, right-click the Proof Server icon in the System tray.
  4. Select Esko Proof Server Stop. Once the icon turns red, the server is stopped.
  5. Right-click the Proof Server icon again and select Server File Maintenance.
  6. Under System Folders, click the Choose button to move the location of Job, Output, and Temp folders to the newly created folders in step 2.

    DO NOT MOVE the Profile folders.
  7. Right-click the Proof Server icon in the System tray and select Esko Proof Server Start.
If the folders you are moving contain a large amount of data, it could take a long time to move these folders. During this time the FlexProofE Server will be down.
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FlexProofE 12.x

Last revised20-Nov-13
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