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The Preflight with Pitstop task will not alter Normalized PDF files through preflight fixes and action lists anymore. Because the wide range of changes can, in certain cases, corrupt the Normalized PDF file this is no longer allowed. If the task is used on a Normalized PDF, the task will error out and halt if an Action List or a Profile that is configured to make changes is used.


The Preflight with Pitstop task halts with one of following error messages:

"ERROR! You have selected action lists to be executed. Because the input file is a normalized PDF file, the use of action lists is not allowed."

"ERROR! The PitStop profile you have selected contains fixes. Because the input file is a normalized PDF file, applying these fixes is not allowed."


Use the Preflight with Pitstop task before Normalizing the PDF file.


When the task is only used for verification, do not allow the PDF profile to make fixes (in the Pitstop Profile Editor, go to Profile Setup > Problem Handling section and turn OFF the Allow Fixes option).

Article information
Applies toAutomation Engine 12.1
Last revised2-Jul-13
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