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How to reset the password for your Esko Shapes account in case you've lost or forgotten it?


To reset the Shapes account password, in case you're using an Esko Support account, go to and enter your user name or email address. Follow the instructions in the password reset email that will be sent to you.


Launch Adobe® Illustrator® with the Esko Data Exchange plugins installed or launch the Studio Visualizer and follow the steps given below:

  1. Open the Shapes Preferencesin the Adobe® Illustrator®.
    1. On Mac: go to the Adobe® Illustrator® > Preferences > Esko > Shapes Preferences….

    2. On Windows: go to Edit > Preferences > Esko > Shapes Preferences….


    3. Open the Shapes Preferences in the Studio Visualizer.

      1. On Mac: go to Studio Visualizer > Preferences > Shapes.

      2. On Windows: go to Edit > Preferences > Shapes.

  2. Remove the User Name and Password from the Preferences window retaining the Server Address (which should always be:
  3. Click the OK button to save the preferences.
  4. Now, open the Shapes window by clicking: File > Structural Design > Open from Shapes….
  5. Click the Reset Password link. A window as shown in the screenshot below will appear:
  6. Enter the user name that was used during the Esko Support Account registration and then click the Submit button.
  7. A confirmation e-mail will be sent to you. After confirming the reset password action, you will receive a temporary password. A link to choose the permanent password will be displayed the next time you login.
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