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First, download and install the free Esko Data Exchange plug-in for Adobe® Illustrator®.
You can find the plug-in:

  • On the Esko website, go to > Downloads > Software > Free Software.
  • Or click here.

After you have installed the Data Exchange plug-in, follow the steps given below:


In Adobe® Illustrator®, go to File > Structural Design > Open from Shapes… to open the Shapes window. 


In the Shapes window, click the Create an Esko Support Account link.


In the Welcome window, enter your Company Code and click the CONTINUE button.

The Company Code is a unique code that is assigned by the Esko sales department to identify your company.
If you don't know your Company Code, please contact Esko Customer Support.

Complete all fields and click the SUBMIT button.

Make sure you enter your company e-mail address!
5.After submitting, your request will be processed and you'll receive an e-mail with instructions on how to activate your account.

In the e-mail from Esko Support Portal, click the activation link.
Your Esko Support Account is now activated.

To know if there's a maintenance contract linked to your account, you have to link your Esko Support Account to the customer database.
To do so, login at least once on the Esko Support Portal.

Esko Customers...Can...
With a maintenance contractDownload the 3D models for free from the Shapes library.
Without a maintenance contract
  • View the Shapes library.
  • Purchase the 3D models.
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