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Problem with Esko Digital Front End (DFE) with only CMYK licenses after upgrading DFE from version 1.1 to version 1.2.

Esko DFE 1.1 and 1.2 have different licenses for CMYK, additional process colors and additional spot colors. The user interface instructions to use these features also differ.

This allows differentiating the licenses between

(i) ONLY CMYK systems

(ii) Systems with additional process colors (green, violet, orange), and

(iii) Systems with additional spot colors like metallic inks and varnish.

Due to limitations in DFE 1.1, these licenses and the user interface settings were needed EVEN FOR ONLY CMYK systems. The behavior of the software in version 1.2 has improved (more logical) and this limitation no longer exists.

For ONLY CMYK systems, DFE 1.1 license sets contained these extra licenses ((ii) & (iii)) on top of CMYK. But DFE 1.2 license sets no longer contain the 2 extra features.  However, after upgrading, one should not forget to adapt the Print Controller settings, leaving ONLY CMYK active.


 After upgrading from DFE 1.1 to DFE 1.2, it is impossible to start the Print Controller with licenses for the DFE 1.2 that contains only CMYK output.


In case you have an Esko DFE with only CMYK and you get this problem, proceed as follows:

The Print Controller will not start up through the menu or through the desktop shortcut. It will invite you through a message to first adapt the settings.

  1. In the Device Configuration window that opens, select Licenses.
  2. In the right section, uncheck the check boxes Multicolor (Additional Process Colors), Additional Spot Colors.
  3. Click the OK button.

You will now be able to start the Print Controller.

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Applies to

Esko Digital Front End 1.2

Last revised5-Mar-13
CW Number166534