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All workstation clients, the Automation Engine Server and the FlexRip Server get a license expiry notification every day sometime prior to the expiry date. It is possible to disable the license expiry notification on all the client systems and configure the notification to be sent only to a particular mail id.


It is possible to disable the license expiry notification completely or configure to send out notification only to particular mail ids on your Automation Engine Server.

To perform the following steps, you should have the Configuration Manager which is normally installed when Esko Software Suite is installed. If you have not installed the Configuration Manager, install it from your Esko Software DVD.

  1. Follow the procedure given below to disable license expiry notification completely and configure mail id to receive notification:
    1. Go to Start > All Programs > Esko > Configuration Manager > Configuration Manager Setup.
    2. Go to License tab > uncheck both Pop-up a Warning window and Send an e-mail check boxes as shown in the screenshot give below.
    3. If you would like to send notification only to configured mail ids, check only Send an e-mail checkbox. Type the mail ids where you would like to receive the notification and click Apply.

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Automation Engine 12.0.1

Automation Engine 12

Automation Engine 10.1.1

Last revised7-May-13
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