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Where are the PitStop Templates located to adapt a report template for the Preflight with PitStop task?


In order to have your custom preflight report template used by the Preflight with PitStop task, you need to overwrite the default report template with your own. The default report template is this file:


Be sure to do this on all your Automation Engine Servers, master and assistant/ standins, if any.

Automation Engine also contains a few additional report templates. One notably, is the "Annotated Report". This report template is located here:

%BG_PROG_FASTSERVER_V121%\dat\Resources\ReportTemplates\PitStopLibrary\Annotated Report\LibraryReportAnnotated.prefs.

If you wish to use the annotated report, rename the LibraryReportAnnotated.prefs file to LibraryReportDefault.prefs and overwrite the default report template as mentioned above.

If you upgrade your Automation Engine server, another bg_prog_fastserver_vxxx gets created, which means the default settings are been used again. The changes you do are version dependent. When upgrading those settings are not been taken over. So you'll have to do the same actions again in case you wish to use the other template.
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Applies toAutomation Engine 10.1 and newer
Last revised15-Jan-15
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