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Sometimes only one resolution is available in the Rip ticket, but you need another one to rip files.

E.g. Only resolution 4000ppi is available, but you need 2540ppi as well.


Add a resolution to a Rip ticket by following the steps given below:

  1. Go to the FlexRip server which runs the FlexRip Dispatcher.
  2. Close any Dispatchers that are running.
  3. Open the FlexRip Configurator: Start > Programs > Esko > FlexRip Configurator.
  4. Select the flavour and Dispatcher you want to edit and click the Modify... button.
  5. Select the Configuration you want to edit and click the Modify... button.
  6. Select the Resolution Set you want to edit and click the Modify... button.
  7. Click the Add... button and enter the required resolution.
    E.g. 2540ppi
  8. Click the OK button to confirm and close all windows. A message appears to confirm that the ppi is updated.
  9. Close the FlexRip Configurator and reopen the FlexRip Dispatcher.
  10. Open the Automation Engine Pilot and go to Tools > Configure.
  11. Browse to your FlexRip and synchronize to update the Automation Engine Pilot with the new resolution.
  12. Close Configure and reopen the Rip ticket: the new resolution is now available in the drop-down list.

You can add multiple resolutions, but always check if your output device can handle the resolution you want to add.

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Last revised17-May-13
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  1. Tip: It is always worth backing up the FlexRip configurations before updating the current set.