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When saving an attribute category or task specification in WebCenter, you get following message: "Attribute category written by a more recent version of the software. Please check results". In some circumstances your results are indeed not correct.


This problem happens when an attribute category or task specification is edited by older software than the software which originally wrote this. This seldom happens. With WebCenter 12.1 however, there is another way to get to this situation:

  • Create/ Edit the attribute category on a first computer or browser, which picked up the latest javascript.
  • Then edit the same category on another browser or computer where the old javascript code is still cached in the browser. This old code will complain (and should complain as it is not able to treat the new category correctly). 

The root cause is therefore the caching behavior of your browser. 


Clean your browser cache. The procedure for this is different per browser (and even per browser version). 

Below are instructions for a couple of browsers, for more details go to

  • Go in your browser's settings:
    • Firefox: 
      • Click the Firefox button (typically top left) > History > Clear Recent History.
      • In Time Range to clear select Everything, In Details, select Cache (or select all), click Clear Now.
    • Chrome:
      • Click the Customize and control Google Chrome button (typically top right), select History > click Clear Browsing Data....
      • Select the beginning of time in the Obliterate the following items from: drop down menu, select Empty the Cache (or select all) and click Clear Browsing Data.
    • Internet Explorer:
      • Go to Tools > Internet Options > General tab. In the Browser History section, click the Delete button.
      • Select Temporary Internet Files (or select all), click Delete.
    • Safari:
      • Open the Safari drop down menu.
      • Click on Reset Safari....
      • Select all and click Reset.
  • Next, restart your browser (for all browsers).
  • Try again, the problem should have disappeared.
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