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Describes how to disable writing the XMP information in a LEN file.


Add the following environment variable in FlexRip Configurator: FRIP_XMP_LOAD with value=0. To add, do the following:

  1. Click Start > All Programs > Esko > FlexRipConfig x > FlexRipConfiguratorx. Here x is the version number. This opens the FlexRip Configurator window.
  2. Select the FlexRip flavour from the Installed Flavours drop-down box.
  3. In the Dispatchers: section, select the required dispatcher and click the Modify button. This opens the Modify Dispatcher window with the parameters for the selected FlexRip flavour instance.
  4. Click the Setup tab.
  5. In the Environment Variables section, click the New button. This opens the Environment Variable window.
  6. In the Variable text box, type FRIP_XMP_LOAD.
  7. In the Value text box, type 0.
  8. In the Comment text box, type your comments and then click the OK button.
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FlexRip 7.0

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