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A standard installation of WebCenter includes the installation and use of the named instance "WebCenter". Sometimes there's a problem connecting to a named instance.


When connection problems occur the below error message can be found in the JBOSS log file:

caused by: Es konnte keine verbindung mit der benannten Instanz ""
hergeste1lt werden. Fehler: Receive timed out.
		at com.m1crosoft.sqlserver.jdbc.SQLServerExcept1on.makeFromor1verError(unknown source)
		at source)
		at source)
		at source)

The error message indicates JBOSS can't connect to the instance named "" although the wc5-ds.xml file points to the correct instance in the correct way.


One of the following solutions may apply (even both). Don't forget to restart JBoss after applying.

SQL Server Browser

On the Database server, the Microsoft SQL server installation would have installed a supporting Windows service called "SQL Server Browser". This service allows SQL server instances to have a dynamic port binding but still be findable without specifying the port. For WebCenter, this service needs to run. Be sure it is started and is set to start together with the operating system.


You also need to ensure that the TCP/IP is enabled for the specific instance.

  1. Find the SQL Server Configuration Manager.

  2. Go to SQL Server Network Configuration and select the correct DB instance.

  3. Make sure that the TCP/IP is Enabled. If not, right click and click Enable (you will have to restart the DB instance for the settings to take effect, you can do this in the SQL Server Services section).
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