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View files can't be created or have wrong appearance of text. 


WebCenter creates pre-processed images for the viewer. This is done by the On-board graphics engine (OBGE). For text, the OBGE needs to know the fonts. In many cases, these fonts are embedded in the PDF. Then there is no problem. In case the fonts are not embedded, two things can happen:

  • The view generation can fail. 
  • The view generation can continue through a font replacement. The OBGE will not fail. It will terminate the task successfully with a warning. Therefore the problem is mostly noticed only when viewing the document in the WebCenter Viewer. However, the task details will indicate the replacement of fonts.

The original font looks as shown in the screenshot below:

The result of the replacement might look as in the screenshot below:

What happens is that the original font TimesNewRoman is not found on bg_data_fonts_xxx folder of the OBGE installation. The standard Windows fonts are not installed there by default. Consequently, what is shown is a replacement with some default font. If we want the standard Windows fonts to be used, we need to copy them from the Windows font folder to the OBGE font folder. Do this only if you want this behavior. 


Through editing the normalization ticket used for WebCenter, you can avoid font replacement altogether. 


  1. Stop the OBGE server using the Server Admin tool.
  2. Copy the contents of the Windows fonts folder (usually located in c:\Windows\fonts) to ...\Esko\bg_data_fonts_v040
  3. Open the command window and type the following commands:

    cd Esko\bg_prog_fastserver_v070\bin_ix86
    fonttool rebuild /central

  4. Start the OBGE server using the Server Admin tool.

The result will look as shown in the screenshot below:


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