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Is it possible to connect more than one WebCenter site with your Automation Engine to work with Approval Cycles?


There are two types of connections possible to WebCenter sites:

  • WebCenter and Automation Engine in the same LAN
  • WebCenter and Automation Engine in different LAN

You can set up connections to several WebCenter sites, but more than one site cannot be outside the LAN.

If you set up several WebCenter sites in different LAN, then the Publish on WebCenter ticket will not work with the Start Approval Cycle.

To make these settings:

  1. In the Automation Engine Pilot, go to Tools > Configure > WebCenter Sites.
  2. Check or uncheck the WebCenter and Automation Engine are in the same LAN check-box as per your setting.
Each WebCenter Site refers to an actual WebCenter Server. So, setting up several sites is only possible if you have several WebCenter Servers.
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Automation Engine all versions

WebCenter all versions

Last revised11-Oct-13
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