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FLEXlm License Manager does not start on Automation Engine.


After successfully loading the activated product keys, when trying to start the Esko Server Software (BGMD), the following error appears: "This is not a master".


Perform the following checks:

  1. Check if the license_e.dat file and the licenses_b.dat file are present in the bg_data_system_v010 folder.
  2. Check if the license summary is present in the flexlm.log file.
  3. Check if the FLEXlm License Manager service is started.

If the license_e.dat and the license_b.dat files are missing, the FLEXlm License Manager will not start and the flexlm log file will not contain the license information.

Trying to manually restart this service will give the following error message:

To remedy this, perform the following steps:

  1. Go to ..\Esko\bg_prog_system_v010\dat\init folder.
  2. Copy the licenses_initlm_barco.dat and licenses_initlm_esko.dat files to the ..\Esko\bg_data_system_v010\ folder.
  3. Rename the licenses_initlm_barco.dat file to licenses_b.dat.
  4. Rename the licenses_initlm_esko.dat file to licenses_e.dat.
  5. Go to My Computer > Manage and restart the FLEXlm License Manager.

The flexlm.log file will now contain the license information.

The FlexLm License Manager needs the presence of license_e.dat and licenses_b.dat files. This is mandatory.
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