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  • The Front and Back files that the Export Imposition to PDF File task creates could overwrite each other when it starts from an imposition created by a Create Imposition from JDF Layout task where the JDF layout file contains different ink mapping information for Front and Back.
  • The output of an Export Imposition to PDF File task could be wrong when inks from a PANTONE Uncoated ink book are used.
  • When modifying and saving a large IMP File from FastImpose, a subsequent Add to Pages View task could hang for a while and then fail.


  • Export Imposition to PDF File task Front and Back outputs can overwrite each other.
  • Export Imposition to PDF File task output can be wrong in case of PANTONE Uncoated inks.
  • Add to Pages View task can hang and then fail on large IMP files.

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Automation Engine 12.0.1

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Author ANBO
CW NumberEA156940, EA151671

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