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In some press controllers, the application that drives the press (non-Esko), which receives TIFF files from the DFE, wait until Cyan AND Magenta AND yellow AND Black separations have been created. It cannot deal with the incomplete set of inks.

In cases where all separations were not created, sometimes a perfectly normal result from color management (C+M+Y or C+Y+K,...), the press controller cannot deal with this and 'waits endlessly'. So, the jobs do not show up in the print controller application, even though they were processed correctly by the DFE.


Press controller receives files from DFE but cannot 'start' because it assumes other separations are yet to be created by the DFE. It expects a full CMYK set of files.


It is possible to force the DFE to generate empty separations. In this way, a TIFF file will be generated to let the print controller function correctly, having received a complete set of TIFF files.

This setting can be found in the Device Configuration when you click the TIFF Output option.

  1. Check the Generate empty TIFF separations checkbox.

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Esko Digital Front End 1.2

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CW Number189367