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How to change the date format in ArtLink parameters in Apply ArtPro Action List task so that in ArtPro you see the date format your operators are used to see.


The ArtLink date parameter gets interpreted by ArtPro at the moment you open the output file from Automation Engine. It formats the date with the settings from the following:

  1. Go to the Mac OS X System Preferences.
  2. Click Date & Time and open Language & Text ....
  3. Click the Formats tab.
  4. Under the Dates category, click the Customize... button.
  5. Drag the items in the order in which you want them. On the first line add Short: date format.

To get that format on the output (plate, proof, print), make sure the date and time settings on the server which further handles the ArtPro file (Automation Engine or Nexus) are also set to the desired date format.

On Windows, this can be found in the Control Panel > Regional Setting. For Automation Engine, please make sure you do this for the user running the software (default BGSYSTEM).

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Applies to

Automation Engine 12.1.1

ArtPro 12.1.1

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