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How can large companied enforce their password rules in the WebCenter?


There are generally two approaches possible:

  • Use the WebCenter password rules.
  • Connect WebCenter to a password checking authority like LDAP.

Using the WebCenter password rules

The WebCenter password rules can be set in Admin > Preferences > Passwords.

For more information, click the ? icon at the top right corner to connect to the online help.

You will see that the WebCenter has a typical set of built-in rules. These rules may or may not fit your company's rules. Trying to enforce rules other than the ones built in to the WebCenter is one of the reasons to connect the WebCenter to a password checking authority.

Connect WebCenter to a password checking authority like LDAP/ Active Directory

A password checking authority is a computer program which can check whether the password supplied for a username is correct. Systems like WebCenter can delegate the password checking to these progeams and accept a Yes or No to let people in or block them accordingly.

As the passwords are entirely checked by this authority, the WebCenter password rules no longer apply. Instead the password rules of this authority are used. Large corporations use password checking authorities to enforce the same rules over multiple corporate applications and meanwhile avoid that people need to remember different passwords for different systems. 

The most used password authority is the Microsoft Active Directory. For Windows users in a corporate network, this is the system used to allow access to your computer and the corporate network and e-mail system. An additional benefit of this approach is that you not only change the password rules, you can also use the same password. Active Directory is a commercial product which follows a standard called the LDAP. This standard allows connecting authorities of different vendors with the same protocol. This is how WebCenter connects to Active Directory and other LDAP compatible products. 


Use Admin > Configuration > LDAP setup to connect the WebCenter to your Active Directory or to other LDAP compatible password checking authority.

Click the ? icon at the top right corner, to read instructions in the WebCenter administration manual.

WebCenter 14 outlook

WebCenter 14 will have a single-sign-on framework allowing to connect to more systems than LDAP compatible systems.

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