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The following error appears:

Error 1010 - Outside Table Limit

When you try to perform a job which requires cutting outside table limits or if the table mapping goes outside table limits, this error appears.

Global Checks

  • Check to make sure the Job is not too big for the table (take care to check orientation).

  • Check reference point.
    Ensure that the reference point you are working with has not been set too far down the table, putting your job outside plotter boundaries. To test, set the reference to L1, this is the lowest working point on the table.
  • Check ruler positions if applicable.
    If you have rulers fitted to your bed, it could be that their position is not set correctly, causing the system to think the job is outside plotter boundaries. Go to Options > Table Options and select Set Ruler Positions. The adjustment wizard will then guide you through the steps for resetting ruler positions.

  • Check park position.
    It could be that the park position is set outside your working area or the job is pushing it outside (if park position is being defined by the file). Manually set your park position to a figure you know will be inside your working area.
    To do this, go to Options > System Options and then select Park Position. Switch to Operator Park Position and enter values, you know will be inside working area. For e.g.: X = 1000 and Y = 0.

Machine Specific Checks

There are no machine specific checks.

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Kongsberg XP

Kongsberg XPA

Kongsberg XN

Kongsberg XL

Kongsberg XE

Kongsberg DCM

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    This is for XL-guide but how is it with IPC?