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The following error is displayed:

Error 3007 - Servo Lag Y-Axis

The Y-axis has failed to reach the expected position.

Global Checks

Check Y-axis fuses and motor brushes (if applicable). See below for machine specific instructions.

These checks must be performed with the table power off.

Machine Specific Checks

 XP & XPA - Fuses

Check Y-axis fuses (F2-F5) and replace if necessary.

 XL & XN Fuses

Check the Y-axis fuse and replace if necessary.

Remove Y axis cover.

Check y-axis fuse with ohm-meter, replace if blown.

Replace covers and power up table.

 XE - Fuses

Check Y-axis fuse and replace if necessary.

 XL & XN - Motor Brushes

Remove the Y-axis cover to gain access to the Y motor

If the motor brush is below tolerance, replace with a new one.

Replace motor cables, covers and power up the table.

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Applies to

Kongsberg XL

Kongsberg XN

Kongsberg XE

Kongsberg XP

Kongsberg XPA

Kongsberg DCM

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