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You have temporary licenses that are about to expire, what to do?


Esko can provide you with temporary licenses for several reasons, this article explains what to do when your licenses are about to expire depending on the reason.

For software that is used on consignment

You have temporary licenses for Esko software because you want to test the software before buying or upgrading.

Solution: Contact your Esko Sales Contact.

For software with a financial schedule

You bought Esko software and payments were arranged via a financial schedule. You received temporary licenses according to the financial schedule.

Solution: Contact Esko Support.

For dongle return

You upgraded your Esko software recently and in the previous version you still had dongles. Therefore, we had provided you with temporary licenses until we received your dongles.


  • If you already sent your dongles and you did not receive your permanent licenses, please contact Esko Support.
  • If you did not send your dongles back to Esko and your licenses are still valid for 2 weeks or more, please send your dongles back to Esko.
  • If you did not send your dongles back to Esko and your licenses are valid for less than 2 weeks, please contact Esko Support.

For more information, see this article:

To help you to migrate to a new computer

You migrated to a new computer recently and you received temporary licenses from Esko to first set up your new computer before moving everything.


  1. If you did not deactivate the original licenses on your old computer yet, deactivate them first.
  2. Activate the original licenses on your new computer.

For pre-release software

You were part of a pre-release plan and you received the temporary licenses to test the new version before it was officially released.

Solution: Contact your Esko pre-release coordinator to schedule your upgrade.

Keep getting expiring messages after activating extended licenses

The activation process of the extended licenses will not remove the previous licenses. As a result you might continue to receive license expiry messages. Therefore, you need to delete the previous licenses.

Delete expiring licenses after extension

To delete the previous licenses:

  1. Go to the Esko License Manager (this applies for both local and network licenses).
  2. Select all the product keys that are about to expire and for which you received an extension.
  3. Click Deactivate.. and follow the deactivation procedure.
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